// 5.30 wake up //


Saturday 10th October 2015, my alarm rings at 5.30am it was time to get ready for a day trip to the big city, with my best friend. With my hair and makeup done, clothes on, teeth brushed, we headed for Southampton Central Station for the 7.15 train to London Victoria.

We arrived in London at 9.45, sparing time for breakfast before heading over to the V&A Museum to view the exhibition, Shoes: Pleasure and Pain. We had booked the 11.15 slot, so opted for a short walk around the fashion collection which covers the four centuries of clothing.

11.15, our time had come, Shoes: Pleasure and Pain, this exhibition looks at extremes of footwear from around the world, showing about 200 pairs of shoes, in the five categories, transformation, status, seduction, creation and obsession. Examples from famous shoe wearers were shown, alongside a range of historic shoes, many have not been displayed before. Photographs weren’t allowed to be taken inside the exhibition, with their no photo policy up, but you can always view images on the V&A website, which I would totally recommend if you don’t get a chance to see this exhibit yourself. Before heading off Jake wanted to see a few more of the rooms in the museum, so we saw parts of Asia, Sculpture and the Furniture collections.

Towards the one o’clock mark, we decided to head to South Kensington, to a place called Raison D’Etre, an authentic mediterranean french cafe. Both me and Jake had a filled baguette and a drink, I had L’Halloumi, which consisted of halloumi cheese, za’atar, grilled peppers and sun dried tomatoes, with a fresh banana milkshake. Jake opted for Le Fraicheur, a smoked ham, avocado, cream cheese and basil baguette, obviously his drink being a coffee. These were absolutely delicious, most definitely one of the best places I’ve eaten lunch at, everything was just super fresh and with the all the different combinations they offer, there’s something on the menu for everyone.

We’d planned to go to Portobello Road Market, the world’s largest antiques market, we wanted to thrift shop. So after we’d let our food go down, Portobello road was our next destination, short cutting through Kensington Gardens. Saturday was the best day to see the full street market, with antiques arcades, antique stalls, new fashion and vintage. Stopping and starting, walking down through the market was tiring so on our way back towards Kensington we had a short pit stop at a pub for a drink, before again hitting the road to walk back through the gardens, which are extremely pretty, you forget you’re in London at times.


The time flew by, but still saving enough, to ponder around Harrods before walking back to Victoria Arcade, where again, we ate, at a little place called Etnacoffee, a Sicilian street food cafe. If you want to confuse your taste buds, this is the place to go, it’s hard to explain, it’s a snack sort of place, selling deep fried savoury foods. I had a mozzarella and aubergine wrapped in some sort of pastry, which was pretty tasty, but my other choice and one of Jakes too, was basically a mozzarella and ham doughnut, it was weird, your first initial bite, was like mmm, doughnut, but then it wasn’t a sweet taste, it was savoury, and it was so odd. I’d still recommend getting food here though, something different from your everyday dinners.

At the start of the day we’d aimed to get the 20.30 train back home to Southampton, but we were ahead of schedule and absolutely exhausted and so we decided to leave the big city an hour earlier.

See you again soon London.


// welcome to my blog //


My name is Alanis and I’ve just started a Fashion Degree at the Arts University Bournemouth, here I will be displaying creative posts weekly.

Firstly here’s a fashion illustration piece by Florian Meacci, I came across his work a few years back, and when someone says the word illustration this is the man I think of. He draws with biros, and paints with watercolours for each of his pieces, and the contrast between the two is fascinating. Meacci’s art is about contradiction, in some of his work he likes to combine things which are not made to be together, he always tries to put something unexpected.

His work is very inspiring and helps make you think outside of the box, especially if you view his other pieces of work, you really understand the differences, and can see the contrasts between parts of the whole piece, viewing his pieces I always want to know why does he chose to create conflict between imagery.

You can view Florian Meacci’s work by clicking the links below –