// marbling and screen printing //

IMG_20151127_150055 (1)

On Thursday at Uni we had a visit from Becky Baier, to show us all how to marble and screen print, even though I have done these before, it was nice to re-jog my memory.

Becky is a freelance illustrator and mural artist living and working in London. In her work she uses found imagery, cutting and pasting to create surreal collages.

I began with screen printing, which is where you have a flat washable surface, such as perspex, and roll a thin layer of ink of top. You then place a piece of card on top of that and you can then begin to draw, this will then pick up the ink in the lines you draw. I used magazine cut outs hand drew over these instead of going straight in free hand.

After screen printing I moved over to marbling, this is where you drop different colours of inks, into water which also consists a corn starch mixture. Once you have dropped the inks onto the water, you are able to create shapes and patterns using a toothpick. Then you can get a piece of card or paper and place this carefully over the ink, and this will lift up the ink and create your pattern on the card, creating a marbled effect.

After my marbled pieces were dry, I collaged both my screen prints and marbled pieces together, cutting and pasting these and creating a few final collages. I then photocopied these to create my final flat images.

// Amelie Hegardt workshop //


On Thursday 5th November at Uni we had a guest speaker arrive for a taught workshop. This was artist Amelie Hegardt, she is works across mediums to collaborate with clients and to create her own imagery, she uses different mediums such as pastel, crayon, animation, ink, and paint, she has an intuitive feel for the human form. Amelie was originally born in Sweden, but now lives and works in London.

We created drawings in her workshop, from looking at models we had in front of us, these consisted of some smaller drawings and some on a larger scale. Each time we started a new drawing the time frame would be different. We used different mediums, such as the colours and sizes of our pens and pencils, and even using coloured paper to block over or under pieces we had drawn and created.

On that day I felt like I had learnt more about drawing and creating pieces of art. I felt like I had definitely improved from the way I drew at the beginning of the session, to what I was producing towards the end, throughout the five and a half hours we were with her.

Below are some of my pieces from throughout the whole day –

// sketchbook styles //


Last week on Thursday, I had another drawing session at Uni, this week we were creating sketchbook pages, so that at the end of it all, we can form a sketchbook from our individual pages. I created four pages, using collage, from fashion books out of the library, different materials, and my own previous drawings.

I used plain A3 paper, tracing paper, magic tape, masking tape, and a fine liner to create all four of my pages. I also was able to photocopy each one of the pages, so that if I want to add more details on the pages I could without ruining my originals. Below are the four pages which I created.





// illustrating covers //


Ana Strumpf is an Illustrator, interior and product designer, creative consultant and director, she is but one single thing; a creator. She has partnerships with brands such as, Bertolucci, Tok&Stok, Micasa and Walt Disney Co. Her drawings are illustrated in Vogue, in which she collaborates her monthly column Olho Mágico, and online show A Moda da Casa with Style.com and Nylon.


Her illustration work done over fashion magazine covers, has traveled around the world. In her hands everything obtains new colors, packaging, and meaning. This also happens to the places she decorates, whether in São Paulo, Miami or New York.

To view more of Ana Strumpf’s work, you can visit her website at – http://www.anastrumpf.com.br


The images above and below are illustrations I have created over magazine covers, using Ana Strumpf for inspiration, I generated these through Adobe Photoshop, and used different techniques to produce and change the original magazine into something a lot more brighter, colourful, more interesting and something that I felt looked good.


// five new Instagram favourites //


This week I’ve been hitting up Instagram to view some exciting pieces of work from a range of artists. Some older and more well known, somer newer and that you need to know about. So that’s why I’m here, to show you my top five Instagram ‘faves’. So let’s begin…

5. Bil Donovan

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 19.08.15

At number 5, we have Bil Donovan, an artist, fashion illustrator and educator. He creates work that is elegant, chic and timeless. He has a unique blend of style and spirit which has been utilised by the likes of Christian Dior, Mercedes Benz, Neiman Marcus and Yves Saint Laurent. He captures an essence of glamour and beauty through a pose or gesture throughout his fashion illustrations.



4. Krister Selin

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 23.41.01

In fourth there’s Krister Selin, an international integrated designer from Finland, currently based in London. He uses both traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create his illustrations and designs, which has lead to some diverse projects, including digital design for international fashion houses, fashion illustrations for magazines and web design. His work is very feminine and sometimes delicate, its graceful and pleasant to view.



3. Lucie Birant

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 23.43.41

And in third here’s Lucie Birant, a freelance illustrator from Paris and has worked for a range of brands and magazines including Lancôme, Karl Marc John, Stylist and Kult Italy. She combines fashion, illustration and painting to create unique artwork which is beautifully clean, with its neat line work and composition, yet playful with bold colour choices and original concepts.



2. Abby Phillips

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 23.44.34

In second place we have Abby Phillips, from the US, she is a young mixed media artist, illustrator, writer and creative director. She is also the editor in chief of the alternative publication, SAD GIRL Magazine. Her mixed media art and illustrations use collage, photography and illustration to create her eye-popping images. Her work is killer, and very creative and the use of her mixed media, is shown through textures.



1. Krizia Banogon

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 23.42.36

Which means in first we have Krizia Banogon, she is a fashion illustrator from Filipino and based in Manila, Philippines. He style is realistic, and her illustrations are very fascinating. Detail is huge factor with the work she puts into the hair and the eyes. Most of the time she is looking at fashion and beauty images and she constantly experiments with her style as she doesn’t want to limit herself, but mainly uses graphite pencils, ink and a pen tablet. All of Krizia’s work is beautiful and I she experiments with such detailed illustrations by mixing in some colour for backgrounds or adding colour into accessories in both fashion and beauty illustrations.