// interning #4 //

Friday 29th April

On Friday I interned again for Teena, I spent most of the day unpicking, sewing and embellishing. Teena had sewn a lining in one of her final dresses, but when she had her review, the lining hung down under the dress lower than the actual dress so she needed to change this. I first unpicked the lining hem which took a lot longer than expected. Once I had done this she wanted me to pin the lining to the dress in order for it to be bagged out inside the dress. Before I did this I had to make a small hole in the side seam in order for the dress to bag out of that hole. I sewed the hem with a 1cm seam allowance along the facing of the dress, then bagged the dress the correct way round through the small hole I created, after this I had to re sew the seam back up as shown below.

Teena then got me to unpick her skirt that she sewed but it had stretched a lot with a doubled turn stitch, so she needed this unpicking so that she could steam to hem of the skirt to shrink it back down to size and then re sew the edge as a pin hem. I also used the embellisher to embellish another top of Teena’s again like in my previous post chiffon onto chiffon, once this was completed I was done for the day, I’ll be seeing Teena again next Tuesday.


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