// interning #3 //

Tuesday 19th April

I started today’s interning later in the day and worked until late evening. I met Teena as she was receiving the prints she had made and bought  and she told me about the kind of things I will be doing today.

We began buy rolling out her chiffon print across the two tables to see if her skirt pattern pieces would fit, and the placed each pattern piece along the fold, pinned in place and then cut out each piece, I then cut of her two facing pieces for the skirt out of the same material.

After I had created the pattern pieces, Teena asked me if I could do some more embellishing like I did last time, but this time it was for the front collar that went around the neck and down the front. I used chiffon on chiffon again to create the piece she wanted, this takes a lot longer than expected so I can totally see why giving me this job will help her with time. I will be doing more interning for Teena sometime next week.



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