// interning #2 //

Friday 15th April

So Easter break’s over, I’m back at University and interning starts again, I met Teena in the morning and spoke about what she has done since we last met, and we spoke about her review too, and what she will get me to do over the next and last few weeks.


I started off with unpicking the lining from her dress, Teena had sewn in her sleeve lining wrong and overlocked the edges, so to begin with I unpicked both the overlocked stitches and the line stitches of both sleeves, a small job, but very time consuming for Teena if she were to do it.

Once this was done, she wanted me to create pattern pieces from her part drafts for an organza top she was making, the front and back top pattern pieces were to be cut out on the fold, and because she would be using a french seam, I added a 1.5cm seam allowance around the edges, and also the same seam allowance for the sleeve pattern piece too. I then cut these pieces out and went back to Teena in search for her organza.

Black organza is what the pattern pieces needed to be cut out from, but only the front and back, so I placed these along the folded line and pinned in place with help from a weight because organza is a very slippy material and moves a lot. I then cut out the front and back pieces and went back to Teena to see what was next.

She put me onto embellishing duty, which was cutting up strips of organza of different colours, sliver, grey and gold, and using these to embellish into the black organza front piece that I previously cut out. This machine made the different colours of organza sort of mash into one another and create a really cool effortless effect, Teena was pleased with my result, so I was done for the day and looking forward to embellishing some more organza within next week.




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