// interning #1 //

Tuesday 22nd March

On Tuesday I met my level 6 student Teena who I will be interning for over the next few weeks. This day was all about getting to know her and her type of work, and what I will be comfortable doing for her to help.

To start with, Teena needed her sketchbook pages scanning onto her memory stick, in order to help with her portfolio pages, so I took the A3 singular pages over to library so that I could use the printer to store her work straight to her memory stick.

Later after this was done, Teena needed some samples creating for sketchbook pages using organza. She wanted me to sew together pieces of organza using a straight stitch, a french seam and a run and fell. This was pretty tricky due to the slippy-ness of the fabric, but I managed to create what she wanted anyhow.

Once I had created her sample pieces, Teena needed help with creating facings for her skirt she was making, I used her pattern pieces she’d already drawn out and traced over the waist band, then doubled it over, for both front and back and also added a 1cm seam allowance around the top and side edge. After this, I created interfacing pattern pieces using the facing pieces I had just created, again for both the front and back of her skirt.

Teena also needed a pattern piece making for the waist band of her trousers, for this I measured the waist line from the front and back half pattern she already has drawn out and doubled the measurements because of them only being half of a trouser. I traced the waist line and created depth from the line, and added a seam allowance all the way around before cutting two pieces out of calico. Once this was all done, I was done for the day, I enjoyed helping with the jobs I had been given to do, as I felt comfortable in knowing what I was doing.



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